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Questions for me:

1. What does your tumblr nick/URL say about you?
  —  Mostly that I’m pretty uncreative. I love kaesespaetzle as a food, but in all honesty I haven’t eaten it in over 8 years. Still, when tasked with coming up with a new ID/login, I invariably go for kaesespaetzle first, because it’s easy for me to remember and almost always available. 

2. Do you think there is intelligent life on other planets?
  —  I want to believe, Scully, I really do.

3. …and on this one?
  —  This one I’m a little less optimistic about - there’s no shortage of unintelligent life here - but I’ve seen a documentary about dolphins making rings of mud/silt around schools of fish to herd them into their pod-mates’ open mouths, and that seems pretty ingenious.

4. The furthest you have been from your place of residence?
  —  I spent some time in Germany once upon a time, which is pretty much as far from New Zealand as you can get. 

5. Would you travel to the moon?
  —  Yeah I totally would!

6. If you could be a mythical/fictional figure, who would you be?
  — um, can I say Rogue from X-men?

7. Coffee, tea, or neither?
  —  Coffee. Definitely coffee. Black and nasty. Sometimes maybe herbal tea.

8. Your favourite dish?
  —  Right now I really want some tonkotsu raamen, but others on my list of long-term cravings would be obatzda, real pretzels with lauge (in NZ you can sometimes find ‘pretzels’, but it’s just dough in the shape, very disappointing), or thai green curry

9. The last thing you laughed about?
  —  I fell down the stairs last night and had to laugh at that a little, but more funny was this erotica written by an alien pretending not to be horrified by the human body

10. What annoys you the most right now?
  —  Omg! Every morning this week my flatmate makes such a racket getting ready and wakes me up with his slamming of doors and stomping around. I’m generally pretty forgiving of stuff like that (I’m sure my fall down the stairs woke him up last night), but I’m not gracious before my morning coffee - it’s driving me wild!!

  1. What’s your starsign? Do you think it matches your personality?
  2. Favourite celebrity crush?
  3. Any guilty pleasures?
  4. Do you have a favourite word/words?
  5. If you could become any kind of animal, which animal would you choose?
  6. Do you have a favorite inspirational/motivational quote?
  7. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
  8. Your current jam (song you’re into)?
  9. What annoys you the most right now?
  10. Three places you’d love to visit?


guys with sleeve tattoos wearing dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up fuck man


An eating disorder isn’t about losing weight. It’s about losing who you were, who you are and being taken over by something evil. It’s so fast it’s not even a spiral, it’s a black hole. And suddenly you forget what you liked to do in your free time. You forget who your friends were. You forget what music you like. Because everything revolves around the eating disorder. Everything is by the eating disorder, for the eating disorder. It has stolen you. It has stolen not only your body, but you mind.

And one day, you remember you like art, and you feel happy.
The next day, you remember what your favorite painting was, and you smile.
Then the next, you’re recreating the painting.
And suddenly you come back, and Ed disappears.
And it feels so damn good.


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  • mainstream gay rights movement: gay people don't want to destroy society, haha, don't worry
  • me: wElLLlL
Woah congrats on getting out… woooa

Thanks! Ehe, it’s pretty bad aye… yeah definitely good to be home! <3

Whenever I wonder why I came back from Japan..

.. whether it was a mistake to leave such a well-paying job to be unemployed and struggling to find work, I look at these pictures of how I had been living, and I remember why I had to leave Japan..

[pics after the cut; be warned, it’s pretty gross, you might struggle not to judge me]

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Kurze Frage - wenn man eine Frau als “Schnecke” bezeichnet, soll das was Positives sein?

(ich nehm an für sie eher nicht aber für den Mann gilt das als Kompliment? hab gar keine Ahnung wie ich das verstehen soll)

Naja, es reduziert sie halt mit einem nicht unbedingt…

As a non-native speaker who spends about as much time around snails as I do around the primary sex organs of women, that’s a connection that I would never ever have made, haha